United Electronics Inc. in the First Quarter; 2021

by Meshawn Graham, UEI Human Resources


As the first quarter ends for the fiscal year, UEI finds itself in great positioning as it relates to partnership, financial standing, and team depth.

As we take a deeper look over the first quarter, UEI continues to be the premier source for data infrastructure with Global Tel Link across the nation. A huge focus so far this year has been expanding on the Fiber Optics side of the house.

This has been met with significant government contract awards putting UEI in great standing with McEntire Joint National Guard (South Carolina), FEMA(Texas), The Social Security Administration (Illinois), and LKQ. UEI's newest partnership with Avigilon catapults them into a more delicate side of surveillance technology, where they are not providing the service of installation but will have a bigger access to product knowledge and selection for its clients.

As UEI continues to expand, they have also dived deeper into state licensing across the nation, providing both network and electrical expertise. As the 2nd quarter comes and goes, we look forward to announcing a couple new partnerships along with new company focuses.

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